How to dress for a first date motorcycle ride?

Biking gear is cool. That’s not exactly what one would wear if they had a first date at a posh restaurant downtown, but you can make your first motorcycling date classy if you choose to wear the right clothes. All motorcycling gear does not have to be boring and drab. You can pull off a rugged and comfortable yet stylish and sophisticated look on your first motorcycle date. Here are some pointers to keep in mind for that first date motorcycle ride.

  1. If you are planning on dating a biker, it is most advisable to get a helmet. Wearing one is an absolute must, preferably one that has a snug fit and should have a face shield for comfort. It should be fastened securely without it having a chance to flop up or twist around your head. You can get a hot pink or baby pink one to give it a feminine touch. A stylish pair of sun glasses on a bright sunny day will bring immense relief and help you enjoy your first motorcycle ride date.
  2. You need to dress suitably for the weather. More often than not, if the weather is hot, it tends to get hotter while riding, and if it is cold, it tends to get colder while riding. Protection must not be compromised. On sunny days, wearing white helps to reflect a lot of heat and keeps you cooler. Well, if the weather is on the cooler side, you can wear a jacket that is well insulating, so that you body heat is trapped and does not escape. Get a smart fit jacket that zips close up to the neck. You can also select a pair of leather gloves for safeguard.
  3. For your first motorcycle date, leather is the favored material for bottom wear. It is durable and in case of a fall, should be able to give you reasonable protection. In case you don’t get leather pants that fit well, you can opt for heavy duty jeans or corduroy. Do not forget to neglect the fit of the pants. A durable leather body suit will also fit the bill. Body suits are not only protective; they are also chic and can enhance your figure.
  4. Coming down to footwear, choose one that protects your feet and ankles well. Hiking boots are durable and will shield your foot from an unlikely event of a fall. You can also select a pair of sturdy and trendy boots that will serve the purpose of protection.
  5. It is important to remember that you should not wear anything that is loose and flowing like a scarf or those oh-so-fashionable palazzo pants. You can keep that for your date with your biker guy in a restaurant. Long scarves or loose pants have the possibility of getting caught in the rear wheel or any other moving part of the motorcycle. It is a hazard and can cause an accident.

Now that you’re all set for your first motorcycle date – Enjoy the ride!