What benefits will you get when you date a woman who rides a motorcycle?

You’re a single biker. You’re looking for girl as smart, adventurous and rugged as you are. Biker girls are found to be generally happier, sexier and smarter than their non biking counterparts. That is not all. Here are several reasons why you’ve hit the jackpot by dating a woman who rides a motorcycle.

You’ll get your buddies go green with jealousy – Mention to any guy about a biker girl and their eyes light up. Imagine their reaction when you tell them you’re dating a biker girl! A vicious combination of grit, determination and toughness makes them irresistible to men, and for all you know, might prove to be just too tough for them. She not only knows her motorcycle well, she can also get repairs done. To top it all off, her strength as a woman has probably paved her way to your mother’s heart already.
She’s practical – We all know that biker guys spell practicality. If you’re off for a ride, you cannot be hauling your whole wardrobe along. Dating a biker girl will pose no such problems. She is happy with the bare necessities – tooth brush, lip gloss, sun screen, hair brush and two other outfits for the destination. No big suitcases, travel bags et al, a tank bag is all she needs. She is also time conscious knowing that it is critical to start riding on time. If you are a biker yourself, you will be happy to ride alongside her and practicality is in her dictionary too.

She loves her gear – You’re a cool biker guy who loves the gear, and would not step out of the house without them. Ditto with your biker girl. She loves her leather onesies. She makes sure they are not only of the highest quality, but are also fashionable and accentuate those curves of hers. The best part is you can go shopping together at the same store and you can be guaranteed that shopping is no longer a boring affair.

They are an inexpensive date – No need to make reservations at that fancy restaurant a month ahead, this biker girl is easy to please. A good road, good company, good bike, a cool drink, a long winding road up the mountains and she’s happy. You need not worry too much about gifting as well. You have common interests – give her a bike accessory and she’ll be over the moon.

They are tough – Like any biker, she’ll have her falls and mess ups but this biker girl is not your regular “give up and leave” girl. She will make sure she gets back up and on the road again. No crying and brooding. You can be assured that your ex-girlfriends will not venture anywhere close.

They will support you – The best part about a biker girl is that she will support you through any decision you make – physically and emotionally. All those expensive bike accessories which you would love to have, she’ll assist your purchase because she knows exactly what they’re meant for.