When is the best season to go out for motorcycle travel?

‘To everything there is a season’ goes a saying. Many hardcore motorcycle enthusiasts would not adhere to this saying. All they need is a road to ride in and any season is a good season to ride. But for those who would like to ride in optimum conditions, there are recommendations and suggestions as to when is the best time of the year to ride.
No matter which continent you are in, spring time is always a sure bet for a ride. The flowers and the weather conjure up the perfect recipe for a memorable ride. The refreshing colors of the flowers and the fragrance naturally set the mood for a romantic time on a motorcycle date. The temperature during springtime is moderate – not too hot and not too cold and the most delightful time of the year to get on the bike and ride.

Having said that, it depends on what you fancy. If you’re a biker dating couple who like the romantic feeling of the rain, enjoying the pitter-patter of the rain on your face and getting drenched only to settle down mid way or at your destination with a hot cup of tea or coffee or soup while consuming the surroundings sounds like a perfect date. Even though you might be drenched and dripping wet, there’s no substitute to the gorgeous sight of the rain splashing on the rooftops and your biker girl in front of you.
For some couples, depending on the destination, summer season can be a perfect time to head out to the beach side. The warm sun and refreshing summer breeze can be a good time to bond over some chilled drinks. Ride up and park yourselves by the beach, listen to the soothing sound of the waves touching your feet and collect some star fish for memorabilia. What better way to end a ride than a dip in the ocean and getting a tan on the beach.

When it comes to deciding on the time of the day to ride, there is common consensus that mornings are the most preferred time, some favor the stillness of a Sunday morning. It is cooler in the morning and you don’t get too hot with all that gear on you. Since bikes run better on cooler air, it is advisable to start early in the morning, when you are fresh and the heat of the day has not yet hit you. A bonus point is you skip all that traffic congestions during the day.

Winters are a precarious time to go for a motorcycle tour especially if you are in the higher latitudes. Riding on snow can be hazardous and risky. Take note of the weather conditions before heading out for a ride. Now that you know the best season to ride, here is one word of caution. The worst time to ride is when you have been drinking. Do not drink and ride!